Well okay, I have something to say.
Well, I have kissed a boy last night!
I kissed him three times!
Well, he was the one who kissed me!
And I really enjoyed kissing him!
You want to know what he has told me?

Okay, so.
The first night, he told me that he was watching me dance,
And that I made him blush.
And he left because he didn't see me.
But I was touching myself in the bathroom imagining him giving me head.
So, oops.
And then, let me try to remember what he told me last night.
That the way I dance is mesmerizing.
That he missed me the day in between we saw each other.
And he wanted to text me, but didn't let himself.
And he told me that he wished he could come home with me.
But that it would be better if we wait.
And we don't have to do everything at once.
And we should take it slow.

Oh, but I was trying to keep the conversation flowing,
So I told morbid stories, oops.
Ugh, but at least he still kissed me after that!
I don't know.
I just want to have fun, but I enjoy the time I've spent with him.
He was with another girl when I met him.
So I should be aware of the fact he might have women hidden behind doors.
But we checked out booties together.
We made out.
We made out.
We made out.
He bought me two shots.
And gave me a swipe for the subway.

Wow, he's just really attractive,
I like his big smile and nice teeth.
Ooooh na na wanna take off his clothes one day.
I think about it, and my chest falls off a cliff.

His name is Mike, and he's Russian, Ukraine, Lebanese, and something else.
22, graduate SVA for animation.
Whatever, this is awesome.

So, he missed his train to wait for mine,
And we make out.
Make out.
Make out.
And I have to transfer to the G.
I sit down and check my email.
And I got into Sva.

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