Well I am glad that I hover on the edge of things when it comes to men.
This one ended up going insane.
It was the fourth time that I had seen him.
And there was something odd in his eyes.
He wouldn't stop touching me in front of everyone.
And he wanted to go into one of my friends rooms.
But I told him that I was not interested in doing that.
He splits a fifth of tequila with me, 
But it does not sit with him as well as it does for me.
I think that he was already high on something odd.
He was being a bit abrasive to my friends.
And that's not going to work.
He kept trying to play his own music on the computer.
And I just don't feel as if that is appropriate when you don't know anyone, and it is not your house.
He told me in Russian that he loved me.
I spoke back to him in the same that he did not.
And that kind of bummed him out.
He wasn't interacting with my friends correctly.
But I wanted to spend time with them.
So I left him sometimes.
He couldn't do well on his own.
He wasn't pleasant.
I was sitting outside with a cigarette when Liza tells me that he dropped Helena's computer.
And I walk in, 
I hear him speaking gibberish.
Just warbles of nothing gurgling out of his mouth.
He is bummed no one likes his music.
And I told him that he had to leave.
He didn't understand.
Oh, it lasted so long.
He wouldn't leave.
I told him he was acting like a fool.
And that he was too fucked up.
And he refused to accept that.
He started trying to speak to me in Russian.
So I yelled at him in Russian.
And I grew louder and louder with anger.
He seemed about to leave.
Leah shows up in a cab,
I run to her and hug her hello, happy.
I ignored him, and thought he would just leave with that.
But he didn't.
So, he stared to grab me, 
And Leah started pushing him away.
This one girl who was a bitch the whole time made me feel like I was a bit crazy.
Helena's boyfriend said that he found the guy crying in the gutter,
smashing his phone to pieces.

Needless to say, I killed him in less than a week.

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