It was Saturday night.
They were having a party at Joe's house.
I had been thinking about him since I had spent an evening hanging out with him and the girls.
I guess that I could tell he was into me.
And so that made me think of him.
And so I didn't really acknowledge him for the length of the party.
But that's because we were talking to other people.
The end of the night, he comes up.
And says that he feels like he didn't really get to say hi to me yet.
And I asked him how he's doing.
As he hugged me and lifted me into the air.
He said better now.
And we danced.
And he spun me in and out.
And I'm not good at dancing with men.
I am good at dancing with myself.
Oh, isn't that the case when it comes to anything with me.
He said can I ask you a stupid question.
I knew what he was going to ask.
He asked to kiss me.
I told him yes, but over here.
He didn't hear that,
And watched me run away.
He said, oh okay, Masha.
But I laughed and told him to come here.
He did.
And we collided like we had been waiting to do so.
We're very compatible, the way that we physically move.
I would stop kissing him anytime someone walked by.
And he felt as if I was embarrassed of him.
But I just don't like the publicity.
We went downstairs into this dark hallway.
And it was all so great, I don't know.
He kept telling me I was so amazing at kissing.
I felt the same.
But I couldn't get myself to speak.
And he told me he liked my hips.
I don't really know what it is about them.
No one's talked about them before.
And I asked him if he was sad when I ran away.
He told me he was because he knew this was his only chance to kiss me.
Because he's going on tour the next day.
And I was leaving for Russia.
I told him that I've been thinking about kissing him.
And he told me the same.
I don't know.
I'm glad that I ran away to Europe.
But is this the same situation as with Rob.
Where I'm forgotten before I return.
He'll be at Governor's Ball.
And I hope to see him there.
I'll kiss him again if he lets me. 

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