5 am walk home.

Oh no, they see the wrong kind of
Baby who flies on roof tops that hold. 
The L train say thirteen minutes.
Maybe I’ll die without music.

But holy oh my. 
She says a threesome might sound nice as he pets my head. 
I’ve seen his face before,
But it’s nothing more than the half famous babies I’ve already seen.

I don’t need to dance with you
Because I would rather do so alone. 
If the aging men on the subway could maintain the way their scalps lean towards me,
I could respect the way that they choke on their chips.

But I remember her arms wrapped around my neck. 
She say do you like that 
Do you like that. 
I lied. 
I say I do so, but I don’t. 
I lied because I just announced that I don’t sleep with people, 
But I want you to know that I’m still crazy if you catch me.

I am this prude spiteful,
But I wish for everyone to see me as some form of goddess who make you crave. 
I suppose that I want the power without giving up vulnerability in the physical manner.

Listen to my words. 
But never touch my skin.

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