Let me tell you about how the Voodoo takes care of you. 
I left my phone at his house last night. 
And had no contact through the digital world, so I spent my fourth living in the present. 
Which also brought on this anxiety and hyperactivity which made my short attention span shrink even further than I could imagine. 
But I walk two miles to his work to pick up his house keys. 
He works at a furniture store that left me in a dream.
And I ate the last bits in this jar of these personalized suckers that my friend makes in Manhattan. 
Until my stomach churns into the instant melting sensation you feel from an empty body and sweet delicacies. 
I couldn’t get in, so a man helps me with the keys and lets me use his phone because there are helpful and good people, what a surprise at this point. 
I couldn’t leave his house, it’s so beautiful. 
The aesthetics are on point.
He texted me saying I could take bongers of his California weed. 
And I order delivery as I watch Freaks and Geeks. 
I walk three miles back to his work, and guess what, he has the next day off. 
We’re all still hungover from the fourth, and we decide to walk to the water instead of grabbing a drink. 
But oh, the boats are right there, so let’s take one, I suppose. 
We take the ferry to Midtown and walk over thirty blocks until we end up at The Barrel. 
Brianna is working, a fellow Russian babe with the sweetest soul. 
We but two rounds of muscles, bread, three appetizers, and endless glasses of wine, a sangria, and another cocktail. 
Our bill comes out to thirty dollars, and I’m lost in this gasp of surprise. 
We are on our way to a jazz club now. 
Life is a dream.

Oops he’s sleeping over. 
Oops, we’re going to yoga in tha morn. 
All because I left my phone at his house.

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