Some evil that we spew on duh streets. 
Threw a lighter at your head, but you still remember me. 
Cops hollering sugar coated slime out their undercova windows. 
It ain’t illegal for me to tell ‘em they dead if it’s what they’re in for. 
Ya scream my name, but I’m slurring in Russian. 
Good good woman knows how to give good good lovin’. 
The sun kiss my neck, but oops I’m boop da loopin’ in tha darkroom. 
It’s only the biggest booty that can make my heart boom. 
“I know what kind of girl you are.”
Damn, but you don’t know the million girls that I used to be. 
If I shave my head, I’ll show you a scar. 
Of what that man did to me. 

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