It has been assumed for quite the time. 
Tonight, you said let me do one thing before I go. 
And your lips soar right towards mine. 
Oh, but no.

It’s a bit weird to tell a boy that you’re so dead inside imagine finding a fruit in your fridge that droops into that dried up moldy saturated combination of dehydrated pâté oh gross fucking shit, I got it stuck underneath my nails I’ll smell like this for years.
My fears are so weak when I’m face to face, it’s what I’ve learned recently. 
But it’s the less that I eat, the less that I feel like you’re still beating me.

I’ve said goodbye to old ways like I’ve done before. 
It causes distance that nobody knows I’m silently old. 
To attempt an imagine as if you ain’t withered down to bones.

If I was enough of a skeleton 
To own the power of
Those that hold the problem. 
I wouldn’t cover up.

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