Speech left unvarnished, 
Sure she sound like her teeth is soaked in vinegar,
But when she talk, the verisimilitude is so potent that you can taste it like a paste that leaves you instantly parched, yet the only beverage around is the sweetest flavor of coffee-mate, so you’d rather wither in dehydration than do something about it. 
Becoming a weasel when you’re stoned everything is so nice, I’m just too shy to look you in the eyes or ask for a lighter because I don’t know what my face looks like when I make it move, so maybe no one should look at me until I figure that out I never will. 
But the look in her eyes that leave stains onto mine when she is spitting deceitful stories that are only an aspersion to the verity she has hidden don’t any of you see the vulnerability she swear she tough, just please believe her, please.
I say she lie through her teeth
Right as she stare at me 
In a way to silently ask me the question do I give enough of a fuck about her and enough of a fuck about what any of these people think about me to passively express that she don’t tell the truth. 
Some of these girls that got faces with glares to give you the taste that they might kill you. 
They look at me and test me because I got the same evil in my eyes, but my mannerism is infallible it’s what happens when you live as yourself.

Bad girls are this trend that helps the sad and afraid cover themselves with a shell I do so many drugs ‘cause I’m tough not because the world is overwhelming, and I don’t know how to leave my room sometimes. 
I keep finding that respect comes to ya when you start giving it to yourself first. 
And you gain power and control when you act as the human being you are because if you accept the weird ways that make you this awesome loser who’s brain shuts down in grocery stores the same way it shuts down in a mosh pit, you are literally untouchable and impenetrable because you are your own best friend, and you can see the amazing things about yourself that some people can’t and these eyeball stares from troubled girls are only humorous, but I hope they feel better one day soon.

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