You’re keeping me as back up. 
But I guess that I’m doing the same.

    Oh, slipped into My accent that slithers
They like my name
But everyone hates the winter

The heat is something that melts flesh into a way we ded
Remember tha white snow
Remember Noses blood red

Oh slipped into
Intentions for skin 
Who am I to 
change for him

Put on ludacris afta Outkast
Shake big booties
put ya on blast

I remembA
Baby days
Ain’t Eva afraid 
I make bad decisions
But, shit, they made

We conversate
But girl, you too much wrongin
Sit with real time
We smackin this bong, and

Cocaine make you dirty 
Scratch scratch itch down to ya toes
He think I’m pretty
But inside words, he dunno

Oh, slipped into
Tha way you groove
Curly hair and Afro
What happened to boop

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