G train ded brain

It’s ya mind that turns 
Thoughts black and burned. 
Jo, I feel you’ve returned 
Once again to secure

Tha black out baby wake up pickled and alone. 
Can’t remember the man I wanted to bring home. 
Black out baby,
It’s so sad I’m lazy. 
I give up when I’m dead. 
When I remember my head.

Done wrong too long ago.
But it still gunks up my walk turns my stride down slow.
Can’t wake up can’t get bettah.
Lucid dreams always feel like foreva. 
Black out baby.
Drove myself crazy.
Lived a life too strong too quick.
Gluttonous functions too hard to resist.

Can’t drink because murder starts to swim through my head.
Talk to evil skin, you wind up quick dead.
Wake up with blood on my hands stained deep in my clothes.
Black out baby.
It’s inevitable, I know.

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