Mama say “We need a bottle of cognac for ourselves this is not enough.”
She is sad her friends have aged in a way that they retire home too quickly.
And we are left singing and dancing to ourselves. 
She is speaking of how she hopes to never grow old souled, 
And I promise her that we won’t be like that. 
It’s not like one day we’re crazy,
And the next, we lazy.

So I sing with her walking through St.Petersburg streets Tennessee Ernie Ford, Queen, and The Beatles.
She’s so adamant on buying more cognac.
But I’m too addicted to my dreams to delay my slumber for now.

But it’s okay, mama. 
We’re crazy until we dead. 
Some people start slow and only go mad for a short while until they return to where they came from.

But we were born singing and dancing.
And I know we have nothing to worry about.

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