I must leave my mind.
To hide inside of my skull, I am swarmed.
If I roll my eyes back into my head,
I become so dizzy that I can think of nothing else.
And the egg whites that hold my vision draw a breath of fresh air that they rarely receive.
If too many words start to bite at me, can not breathe.

And the lack of oxygen slows my vision, slows my vision.
But it’s the cognition that becomes a collision.
I’ve started to regain recognition.

The tender shit that always brings me to the crimes I commit.
It’s that I fuck up, and I slip.
I’m fucking up, so I slip.

It’s the second that I become sweet that I become absolutely barren.
And she’s always writing about how she needin’ love
But it’s the one thing she got to be giving up in order to gain a true form of independence.

No matter where my feet step, one after the other.
I’m anti lover, I’m anti lover
It’s not casual that I am chewing on the lips of another
But when I do, I do it undercover.

It’s the next day that I wake
Where my dimples dive down so deep as if they try to become one with my teeth.
But something changes so quickly, you see.
It’s the time after someone has been kissing me.

Where my eyes turn back into the toxic burning half closed dark dark dirty
Ain’t gonna let you hurt me.
It’s in being alone that I maintain my control.
Naukie fell in love when she was eighteen years old.

And I lost my money
But gained fists and bruises to my face.
My blanket held my bleeding head only to forever carry the stain.
 will never return again.

So she writes poems of love and forever craving of the sweetened touch.
I writhe rhymes about how love is something I’ve given up.

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