I know that I'm not eating much. 
Because all I do in my sleep is become so gluttonous to gorge and gorge on dream foods. 
But I'm beautiful. 
And I'm happy. 
In the truest form of both. 

Also, Dani. 
She had problems with meth, heroin, and crack.
Because she loved a punk boy. 
She asks, can I tell you this secret. 

He set her up with men. 
Saying he's going to go get something. 
And they would rape her. 
But she had no idea what was going on. 
That she was sold. 
He returned for the money. 

I felt like I owed her my story. 
We are not alone. 

Aleck texts me "Its 4am come to bed omg."

But this is my house that you live in.
I do what I want. 
If you can't sleep, 
Sleep elsewhere. 

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