Leave me to be
My own mistakes that may leave my body and mind to degrade
I may end up empty and incorrect
Alive with my mind already in the grave
With thinning bones like the hair that I call my own
My skin's falling off, and it's the moon that makes me moan.

But my own mistakes may leave me to be placated in a plateau of partial satisfaction.
Where you're happy, and I'm kind of okay.
At least I ain't lovin' on cocaine.

Leave me to be
My mistakes make me holy and make me wise
You uncomfortable the way that I eat the flies
Right out of yo mouth as you spit your lies
We not gonna have the same kind of life
Don't tell me I ain't doin' it right.

Your anxiety brings back the palpitations
The same ones that my grandfather suffered from
And he told you not to save him
And as you did, he blasts his brains with a pistol gun.

You blame the parents, but you've never given thought to
The fact that every kid in the silent sweet neighbourhood you kept us sheltered in
Was taking your children and turning them psychologically blue
Money buys a nice street to live on,
But I'm sorry to let you know everyone's on meth and heroin.

Continuing to question what's wrong with your hell bent children
Without realizing there are other sources of destruction
I'll get through these things on my own whim
And become my own source of affection.

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