I had sex with Eli.
I was going to write something so lengthy about it.
But I have succumbed to my tire.
I've had to put Neosporin on every part of my body that bends and has had the chance to grind against the floor.
I did thank myself in my mind during the fact for going to yoga every day.
My stamina in the use of my muscles especially the core.
And my flexibility.
He had a hard time getting it up due to muscle relaxers.
Which made me feel like.
Why was he on those drugs, anyway.
I guess it doesn't matter, people can do what they want.
We talked a lot.
And I had felt as if he was interested in me before, but he had a girlfriend.
We were on the rooftop, and our faces came closer.
I put my hand underneath his chin and brought his face towards mine letting our lips collide for at least one moment before I asked what about your girlfriend.
We broke up, he said.
And we continued teetering between falling onto the other part of the roof and falling onto the street, our guts splayed out with our caressing bodies.
We'd die in sin.
Okay, but we fell onto the other part of the roof, it was funny.
I'm so surprised that we had sex.
It was nice.
He was touching me in between my legs,
And I just.
Didn't feel like faking.
So I guided his hands.
And said do you feel that.
He found my clit, and it.
So gnarly.

He eventually came to the point where we could have sex.
I was surprised.
I wonder how he got up.
I think that he faked cumming.
Because he was on those pills.
And also,
Well there was no cum in me hahah DUh.
But I appreciated that because I really worked hard past the point where I was invested.

But I am thinking about it now.
He faked an orgasm.
If only he knew that women do that like almost every time ahahhahhha

Oh, it was nice.
I think that he's a super cool dude.
And suuuuuuupeeeeer hoooootttt.
But that's about as far as that will go.
It was a nice in the moment thing to happen.
I had sex on a roof in Manhattan, I kind of like that!

He said so do you want to have sex.
I said yes, but okay, so we'll have sex, and then everything will carry on no big deal nothing matters.
And He agreed.

Had sex.

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