Maybe it's that I take melatonin when I can.
But when I don't, I stay up until 5 am. 
When I do, I wake up at 7 am. 

I had a dream that Bryan and I had sex we weren't together,  but it was so loving and caring. 
But in reality, I would never. 
And in reality, the sex was two seconds long and from behind, so..

 Yeah, I got really bulimic I threw up three times this week it was so fucked up and such a sloppy thing to do I ate, threw up, ate, and threw up. 
I am so disappointed. 
What if people knew I did that. 
How shameful. 

I'm making so many friends at sva. 
People are very interested in me. 
They keep asking to take my photo. 

I'm so embarrassed to say that I want to be with a boy ugh. 
I've slept with four people in two years. 

I'm so I don't know I'm so extreme
I slept with 60 people before I was 18
Now I'm at 65
I slept with more people before I was 18 than I will probably for the rest of my life. 
Ah, whatever, it's all okay. 

But I would like to just fall in love or something so that I can just have sex all the time again. 

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