11:05 pm 10/12/14

I’d like to tell you 
That the shit you spit
Is committed 

To the grit and grime
That swims with the spines
Up and a down a-mine 
I could tell you over glasses of wine
That it’s these times 

That mesmerize my dreams 
And squirm inside of my body like beans 
Made to jump from country to country
Comprehend what I mean

I’m always a-running’ away when I begin some loving form of skin to skin recitation 
It’s my proclamation 
To remind you of my patience 

And this way that we move together is my own form of self respect
You haven’t done me best, 
But it’s been better than the rest, 

So though I may be a ghost 
That floats out of control 
And sometimes carry 
A dehydrated part of my soul,
Don’t forget what I told. 

No matter what, 
I’ll crawl my way home.

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