3:39 am 131214

Taxi man drive me home
I've got some bitter words to tha bones
I could suppose
That I still thrive in palpitations
I forget about every ounce of my patience 

There's never enough tequila to please me
Am I leaving

Or bound to follow after skin that holds what I attempt 
If I feel so good, how come I still find myself bent
Inside of those spiraling twirls that encapsulate the way that I unfurl my gravity inside of societal world 
I am full 

Observations that make me swim in surreal waters
She pushes and bothers 
But listens to charmers 

I'll choke on this stogey smoke until I don't rememba tha bloke
She don't say goodbye look me in the eyes like we introduced ourselves 
You so fine I ain't trying to get into some form of challenging spells
I wish you the sun and the windbells
Whatever you like to placate your mind 
Humans alone if they don't intwine 

As melted as a liquid dream 
Causing disasters under laundered sheets 
Only say what me mean if we mean it
If not, we got no point in vocal screamins 

He wore metallic lipstick for a statement

But I've found my body solidified in this concentrated saturation of mass
Creating shoulders into stones, drag me home 
The ground grows roots and takes hold of
Mailable miniature crawling mongrels like myself
I promised to murder bad hell 

I leave alone 
Oh my oh well 

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