9:20 131214

9p I'm already drunk because
What the hell else do I do with myself 
It's often that I feel nothing 
Are most people consumed by emotions?
I guess that I feel them 
But once I am consciously aware of such things,
They disappear 

I am made of tequila as I am meant to be, it seems 
People are upset about the government and the world that surrounds us
And I recognize all of these circumstances  
But I have these deep battles internally
That I feel I must conquer beforehand 

I think that I'm dead
A corpse floating through Manhattan

I am none of these people
And none of them are me

Sometimes, I look at this man, and I feel so many things 
It usually comes with skin

But I quickly forget 
And aspire to regaining my intensity

I ways return 
To the ghost state 

Maybe I'm not created to love anyone other than my friends and myself 

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