Alone and sitting on this bench humming to myself 
I met him one night at a party in the summer 
And we ended up on the subway together. 
I see him at school, and he looks at me with huge owl eyes like we're supposed to fall in love 
But I could never love a white blonde boy with blue eyes 

She keeps staring at my ribs I don't know her I wish I was invisible today 
And I was thinking that as I was walking my mile to school how much I wish I had some shades on to become an unseen ghost
It's interesting how we can hide if they just don't see our eyes 

I'm troubling myself for no reason 
I felt like crying walking home yesterday, and I asked myself why, and there was no answer only simple anxiety 
The sun was up, but it felt like nighttime 

This time of the year always brings me back to what happened two years ago 
It's not that I still feel pain about it
I just remember feeling it 

I want to go crazy now I want to run on the streets that remember my name and scream and scream about how happy and free I am I gotta stay away from drugs, but that's not going to happen 
I gotta stop this fear of vulnerability inside of me, but that's not going to happen 
For now 

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