There is nothing other than full glasses to indulge in
And the spliffs that roll off my fingers 

I keep lingering 
With you in my mind as I touch myself 
Is this orgasm okay
Or something to feel guilty about 

They are 
Crumbling stars 
That take it too far
He looks like shit
But I'm not 
Committed enough to say that he looks like he's going through something bad 
I like the way he mad
Until I pay for his cab 

Two of them came over while on heroin
And I did a bad drug the night before in order to make a movie
We all fall asleep in the living room 
I awake in and out to shoveling and moving 

Once I'm conscious, I'm alone in Claud home 
And every time that my mind returns, I remember 
I got this gut spilling out into the wrong places 
Too ashamed to show my faces

She keeps saying come and see me 
I'm don't tell her why I ain't leaving 

I'm a melted form of concentrated pure emotion
Let me walk alone
Run away to homeland

I don't appreciate the way that I am weak on knees for skin

I don't appreciate 
The way
Think of him

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