Damn do you rememba
When we had other words to say
I keep walking by places where I felt like I should look up to see the sky,
She take
But don't stay for a while 

She told me she remembers when we used to be that baby sweet 
Like the shit that rots your teeth
But do you even remember me 

I used to have to pull over because I was crying too hard to drive,
And I would show up to work and smile for eight hours holding the freezer door shut with shaking bones, and my head staring at the ceiling chugging this chocolate stout that's supposed to be for a beer float, but it's to steady my hands and keep me from sitting in the bathroom stall with hyperventilations a that are still stuck in the Orange painted walls of the women's restroom of burger. 

I'm going back to Young Little streets 
Laying naked in bed with her planning out psychedelic binges hovering over the claudz 
I'll scream even if I ain't loud

Do you hear the way that I shudder deep in these sleepless moonlit sweats writhing in claud bed wondering what the hell happened to my life why am I happy how am I 

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