I ate for two days after that.
Then I didn't eat for three.
Then I ate once at night.
And threw up.
And I can't eat again today.

I'm starting to feel more inspired in photo again.
I don't really want to say this.

I'm not gonna say it.
What's the point.
I say it in my head, I know what I'm talking about.
It's just really affecting my body.
My mind has been great and calm as well as my spirit.
But my body sometimes makes my mind feel like it has to be running.
Because I'm.
I had a panic attack on Monday.
I came home, and my house was completely cleaned.
And I stood in the kitchen.
With my arms crossed over my chest,
And one tear fell.

I guess I'm back in the place where I can't cry again.
It was a good six months.
I could cry for six months.
And I took good advantage of that.

I'm too anxious to be vulnerable.
Well that's why I'm anxious!
Writing this is.
Making m

I just get too.
And I feel.
I have to vomit.
And I just shake my leg shake my leg shake my leg.
I can't calm down.

I keep re-reading things I've written.
I learn about myself every day.
Due to this documentation that floats around tha Claud.

But everything is so.
Everything is so great I have the best day every day.
I love being alone and playing in the Claud.
Floating, I live on muh tippity toes.

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