I've been avoiding this.
But this place is safe, right?
No one reads this.
No one knows about this.
I just feel like people know when I write about them.
It's 6:45 pm
I'm stoned and drunk
And that's because I fucking want to be
I'm seeing this man
And I like him
When he's gone,
My feelings fade with every day
I think it's a secret insecurity in me

But I want him to return every time
So my assessment
With the addition of the way my body feels
Is that I'm having really bad anxiety,
And it's making my soul dry
I'm always empty when I'm anxious
So I think that I like him
I'm not having fearful thoughts
I'm calm in my mind
And great in personal strength

But my body is so nervous
I think that i'm just swallowing my emotions
And they're stuck in my blood.

So I think that I like him
And based on his actions and words,
I assume that he reciprocates such a thing.

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