OKay so basically, I decided to text him
which is silly
i felt anxious
I just haven't really been the one to initiate anything
OKay, but I did
And I asked what he was doing this weekend
and after some talk,
He texts me where art though
when I've already given up, 
eaten ice cream
indulged in my oreos
okay yeah
he's the only man who's call I would answer at 2 am
he came
he came to my home
and laid his head on my bum and asked me
is there anything you have that I can eat
And before I could answer,
opens up
my legs
he asks me
what do you have to eat
and I am left to this difficult moment.
Do I moan,
or do I speak
do I moan
or do I grab his beatiful head 
that is giving my the best head I've ever had
and throw my chin to the ceiling 
screaming his name?

So we wake up the next day
and I roll a spliff
we show each other music
we decide the leave the house 
and take photos
end up in a pop up shop
drinking free whiskey
since when have I had whiskey!
And he looks so good in public
he looks like
i touch dat boo, I touchin him, uhhhhh
We come back to my house with Isa
and they get in a fight
and Isa keeps yelling do you love me
or do you love her
And it's kind of like duh, Isa, the dude grew up with you 
he loves you
and he just met me less than a month ago.

ANd Isa kept saying you wouldn't know her if it weren't for me
and Eloy kept talking about how we met before

Isa left
And I came to kiss him
and we
were going to go to Mat's
but I was kissing him
and he said, wait
and dragged me to my room
and oooooooommmmmmmmm
Damn, the way we sleep together
I feel like
this man was created
and I was created
for our bodies to collide
and intwine
and groove
and squirm
and swim inside of each other

Okay, but what I'm really trying to say
Is that I kissed him a lot today
as in
I put my face
onto his

And we were walking back to my haus
and he was on the phone with his mom
and told her
that he wants her to come visit here soon


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