We went to Elvis
And I forgot about everything 
But the bouncer called Liss and her friend out on the beer in their bags 
So we go to my house 

We walk there

My legs turned into those of spiders
Long and cracked at a right angle 
Like those of a newborn horse 
Bent and attempting the drag 
My face melts in this curdled emotion 
And I stare into the back of my skull 
And swallow 
And swallow 
And curdle 

We get home
And I find myself in the bathroom 
Punching my face
And over 

I hope that this habit isn't returning 

How is this addicting 

Why would I like anything from this 

My bruise has already swollen off of my skull 
So that it had it's own shadow

The color of my skin has changed 
Within the few hours 

I look punished 

I suppose I am. 

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